The Santa Maria Water District (SMWD) recently took a proactive step toward enhancing the driving skills of its employees ensuring the safety and efficiency of its daily operations. Partnering with the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), they hosted a comprehensive Road Safety Capacity Building Seminar. This event, which drew significant participation, underscores the agency’s commitment to the well-being of its drivers and the community they serve.

On April 29 and 30, 2024, the SMWD and MMDA successfully conducted a two-batch seminar titled, “Road Safety Capacity Building Seminar: Advanced Driving Techniques and Skills”. This seminar specifically designed for the designated and alternate drivers who operate Santa Maria Water District service vehicles and motorcycles. It featured a roster of esteemed resource speakers led by Mr. Edison “Bong” L. Nebrija, MNSA, along with Mr. Maximo I. Tapongot, Mr. Eric C. Vergara, LPT, Mr. Noel B. Socular, and Mr. Harvey Gaveria. This seminar was facilitated by Ms. Rhoalyn D. Rivera and Ms. Andrea Joy U. Lucero.

The seminar saw 81 participants over the two days, divided into two batches. On the first day, 44 participants attended, while the second day welcomed 37 participants. This structured approach ensured that each attendee received attention and in-depth understanding of the lessons. This also gave them sufficient opportunity to engage with their lectures for clarification purposes. The seminar spanned an 8-hour session, from 8 AM to 5 PM. Each session included 6 hours of theoretical training, followed by 2 hours of practical and hands-on training focused on the physical components of a vehicle.

The comprehensive seminar covered crucial aspects of defensive driving, including mastering advanced techniques for safe driving, understanding traffic rules and regulations, and recognizing and utilizing road safety devices. Additionally, participants engaged in practical activities on basic troubleshooting to enhance their ability to handle minor mechanical issues that may arise during their duties.

Following the seminar series, the resource speakers were honored with certificates of appreciation presented by Ms. Maria Leonora S. Romarate and Ms. Ginabelle G. Datolayta of the General Services Division. These awards were given with the support of Engr. Carlos N. Santos, Jr., the General Manager. After the event, the participants also expressed their appreciation for the valuable insights and hands-on experience gained from the seminar.

The seminar aimed to elevate the driving proficiency of the attendees, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate the roads safely and efficiently. By investing in such training programs, the Santa Maria Water District accentuates its dedication to operational excellence and public safety, contributing to the overall improvement of service delivery to its customers. It also showed the commitment to continuous learning and development is a testament to its proactive approach in fostering a safe and efficient working environment for its staff and the community at large.

Written by: JON MAR T. CRUZ