March of every year, the Women’s Month is commemorated, marking a special time to recognize and honor women for their significant contributions across various sectors like agriculture, politics, business, and beyond. It is a testament to the empowerment of women, acknowledging their meaningful impact on the world.

The Santa Maria Water District (SMWD) collaborated to celebrate Women’s Month under the theme “Lipunang Patas sa Bagong Pilipinas.” To show solidarity with this event, the employees were encouraged to show their support for the celebration by wearing any purple every Friday and by updating their Facebook Profile Picture using frames related to the celebration. Activities organized by the Gender and Development Committees commenced on March 8, 2024, with a tarpaulin displayed at the front of the SMWD Building. Additionally, an online interactive game, “Trivia Questions,” hosted on Facebook Messenger engaged all employees with questions related to women. The themes included the Women’s Month celebration, notable women from various fields, and movies promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality. This activity aimed not only at fostering competition but also at raising awareness about these significant topics.

Later that day, employees gathered in the grounds and parking area for photo opportunities with the general manager, Engr. Carlos N. Santos, Jr., representing their respective departments and sections. Concurrently, a Zumba session took place in front of the SMWD Building, facilitated by the GAD as part of their ongoing program, the Biggest Losers, promoting a healthier lifestyle for all employees. Zumba sessions and trivia questions were held every Friday of March, accompanied by the playing of “Kanta ni Juana.”
On the other hand, leaflets containing pieces of information on Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) were distributed to concessionaires transacting in the SMWD Building for the month of March, aiming to raise awareness of this important issue. Simultaneously, video clips addressing VAWC were displayed on monitors.
On March 22, commercial booths were set up on the SMWD Grounds, featuring products and services from brands such as Ever Bilena, St. Peter Life Plan, Nuat Thai, Red Ribbon, and Avon. Finally, on March 26, wash kits were distributed to all SMWD employees during their staff meeting as part of the Women’s Month celebration.
Furthermore, the Santa Maria Water District’s Women’s Month celebration served as a tribute to everyone’s shared desire to respect, empower, and support women. The organization was filled with a strong sense of celebration, togetherness, and awareness as the month came to an end. Through thought-provoking conversations, touching gestures, and entertaining activities, the employees reiterated their commitment to creating an environment that values equality and respect. Let this month-long celebration serve as a springboard for continued discussion, action, and support of women’s rights and empowerment as we evaluate its effects. The world shall unify toward a time when all women are recognized, cherished, and given equal chances to succeed.

Written by: JON MAR T. CRUZ